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Site Setting

Rule Name Rule Description Points Approval
New user Assign points to new users 500,00 Auto approval
Invite Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user on sending invite 1,00 Auto approval
Invite with success Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user when his friend registered with success 100,00 Administrator approval
Upload avatar profile Assigns points when a user upload a picture or avatar in his profile with the internal avatar system of AltaUserPoints 25,00 Auto approval
Newsletter subscription Sign up for our newsletter and get bonus points! 100,00 Auto approval
Comment marked as bad If another user of the site marks your comment as bad, the points will be written off from your balance -5,00 Auto approval
Comment was deleted Write down the points from the author of the comment, if his comment was deleted -50,00 Auto approval
Comment posted after moderation The bonus points are earned for each comment to the offers on the experience of receiving cashback, as well as for useful comments on articles and materials on the site after moderation 50,00 Auto approval
Received a complaint about the comment Write-off of points from the author of the comment when he receives a complaint -5,00 Auto approval
Comment noted as good Scoring for the author of the commentary if the comment was positively assessed. 1,00 Auto approval
Disable adblock Points are awarded for disabling AdBlock Detector 10,00 Auto approval
% from the cashback of the reduced friend We charge 5% of the amount of confirmed cashback from the order made by the invited friend. The bonus is credited to a separate transaction at the time the cashback is confirmed. Charge is made from each order, confirmed no earlier than January 1, 2018. 0,00 Administrator approval


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