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Description CROSSOUT

CROSSOUT is a post-apocalyptic MMO action game in which you can collect from dozens of details an armored vehicle of unique design, and then fight on it in hot multiplayer battles.


  • Unique machines created by the players themselves from the available parts - from maneuverable buggies to heavy all-terrain vehicles on caterpillar tracks and combat platforms on an anti-gravity basis.
  • Full freedom of creativity and thousands of possible combinations. You can assemble a car of any shape, using hundreds of parts, types of armor, weapons and auxiliary systems.
  • Advanced model of damage: you can shoot at the enemy machine any detail, and this will immediately affect its combat capability.
  • Huge selection of weapons: from chainsaws, drills and machine guns to rocket launchers, flying drones and generators of invisibility.
  • Own workshop: create new advanced parts and sell them on the in-game auction.
  • Trade between players: everything that you obtained in battle or collected in the workshop can be sold at auction to other players.

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