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We appreciate every user of our portal for the fact that they chose us. We hope this is mutual and ready to thank you for every order made through the Monetka portal.

Each received cashback brings you closer to new and new bonuses.

The more cashback you get, the higher the bonus for all orders from all partners and forever!

Our loyalty program is funded and consists of 3 levels:


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up to 500 rub

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from 500 rub

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from 1 000 rub

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from 10 000 rub

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Do not be afraid to withdraw money from the site - it does not affect your current status in any way. The system for obtaining bonuses is cumulative and is considered the amount of confirmed cashback regardless of whether you withdrew the funds from the site or not.


How it works?

Let's consider the work of the loyalty program on the example of L'Etoile's proposal:

By default, the cashback is 240 rubles per order for the amount of 320 rubles.

On the Standart tariff, the cashback will remain at the same level - 240 rubles per order for a total of 320 rubles.

At the level of Bronze cashback will be 247.20 rubles (240 rubles + 3%) with the same minimum order amount of 320 rubles.

Silver will return to you already 252 rubles (240 rubles + 5%), and at the Gold level you will return already 264 rubles!

As you can see, the size of the cashback increases, and the minimum amount remains the same - from 320 rubles. Thus, with the same amount of the order, you save 24 rubles more.


Why such small bonuses?

Compared to other cashback portals, we do not charge a large percentage of the commission of the store, and the bulk is returned to you.

Let's compare the sizes of the cashback, for example, in the L'Etoile store with and without the bonus system:


  Default 1 level 2 level 3 level
Монетка 240 rub 247,20 rub 252 rub 264 rub
Letyshops* 150 rub 165 rub 180 rub 195 rub
Kopikot* 160 rub 160 rub 160 rub 160 rub
Smartysale* 140 rub 140 rub 140 rub 140 rub


As you can see from the table above, the cashback on our website in L'Etoile's store is even much higher at the base rate. Even in spite of the fact that in each other partner network you will get another bonus from a friend order 10% (that is an average of 15 rubles from the order). Now we are implementing this system in our own country, but now this is not the case.

*the size of the cacheback is specified at the time of writing the article.


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