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Bonus program of Portal Monetka is a bonus system for portal users. Participating in the bonus program you can accumulate additional points for everyday activities, purchase any services of the Monetka portal, exchange them for Bonus facilities and withdraw them from the Portal system. The list of services for which you can spend the accumulated points, you can find out from the Monetka Portal Manager.

Terms and Definitions
Portal - Web-site located at www.монетка.com and/or
Portal Manager Monetka is a Portal Manager with exclusive rights to manage and develop the Portal, and his authorized representatives.
Bonus program Monetka (Bonus Program, Program) - a set of interrelated activities and activities, as a result of which the participant has the right to receive bonus points in accordance with these Terms of Participation.
Conditions of participation - these Conditions of participation in the Bonus Program of the Portal.
Participant - an individual who has reached the age of 18, registered on the Portal and has received the opportunity to use the service provided by the Portal.
The questionnaire is an integral part of the User Profile on the Portal Monetka, filled in by the Participant after passing the registration procedure on the Portal (confirms the fact of joining the Participation Terms in accordance with Article 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) in the form specified by the Portal.
The account is a collection of accounting and information data in the Participant's Database provided by the portal to the number of accrued, written off, canceled Points and current balance Points; The account is opened in the name of the participant in accordance with these Terms of Participation.
Coupon code - a unique set of letters and / or digits, in the case of input of which the Participant receives additional bonuses / services on the Portal.
Lottery (Drawing) - an organized game in which the distribution of benefits and losses depends on the random extraction of a particular number of participants.
Promotional goods means the goods (service, property right, other benefits) indicated in the catalog of the Incentive Goods, which the participant can receive in accordance with the Terms of Participation. The list of promotional items is set in the Program Catalog, available on the website www.монетка.com.

1. Participation
1.1. Participants of the Program can only be individuals who have reached the age of eighteen, permanently residing in the regions of operation of the Portal.
1.2. Entry into the Program is free of charge. A person can become a participant by registering in accordance with the Terms of Service or by another way established by the Portal, to join the Program, thereby confirming full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Participation and the conditions for processing personal data by the Program Manager, and agrees with the receipt of information About the Program from the Manager through any communication channels. This person as a participant of the Bonus Program will be subject to these Terms of Participation with all changes that are periodically made therein, from the moment the Manager makes a decision to admit the person to participate in the Program or the person commits an action that will result in accruing Points (incl. using any of the means of Identifying the Participant of the Coin Program (IUPM)). Presenting, or otherwise authorizing IUPM. the participant thereby confirms his consent to the Terms of Participation in the Program and the terms of processing his personal data, representing which, the participant guarantees their full reliability.
1.3. The manager has the right to refuse the applicant to participate in the Program in the absence of technical or other possibility for this at the time of the appeal.
1.4. The terms of participation of participating companies, information on ongoing promotions, are available on the Program's website at www.монетка.com
1.5. Participant in case of loss of login or password from his account, can use the service of login / password recovery on the site www.монетка.com. the transfer of a login or password by a Participant to other persons is prohibited. The participant bears full personal responsibility for all transactions on the accrual and writing off of points from his Account until the Manager is notified that they have left his / her use / possession.
1.6. The manager has the right to terminate participation in the Program of any participant without notice in cases when the participant:

  • does not comply with these Terms of Participation, as well as the terms of the shares and other proposals of the Program;
  • committed or intends to commit actions deemed by the Program Manager as fraudulent, deceptive or other manipulations that entailed or could entail material, moral and other harmful consequences of a different type and extent both for the Portal, the Member himself or other Participants, as well as any third party;
  • abuses any privileges and / or rights granted to a participant under the Program;
  • provides misleading information, or incorrect information to the Manager, or is untrue;
  • in accordance with the requirements of government agencies;
  • disclose Confidential Information;
  • in case of death of the Participant.

Participation also terminates in the event of financial insolvency or the death of a participant.
In the event of termination of participation on the above grounds, Points on the relevant Account are canceled.
1.7. The Participant has the right to terminate his participation in the Program at any time by sending a written notice of termination to the Manager. The said written notification is made in free form, it must contain the number of the Participant's Identification Number and the Signature of the Participant and sent in scanned form by an e-mail to the address admin@монетка.com. After receiving notification from the Manager, the membership of the participant in the Program is terminated, and Points are canceled.
1.8. Payment of taxes and fulfillment of obligations related to participation of a participant in the Program are the responsibility of the participant.
1.9. The Program Participant grants the Program Manager the right to inform the participant any information of commercial and / or non-commercial, informational nature about the Program and / or information about the promotions, drawings and / or advertising campaigns held in the Program and / or send advertising information materials about third parties by sending SMS - a message to the participant's phone number and / or e-mail of the participant indicated at his entry into the Program, as well as using other means of information transfer during of the whole term of participation in the Program.
1.10. The Portal and the Program Manager reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time with the posting of relevant information on the Site www.монетка.com. Neither the Portal nor the Program Manager are responsible for the suspension or termination of the Program with respect to any Account in the Program.
1.11. The Participant grants the Portal and the Program Manager the right to store and use their personal data specified by them in the Account, within the framework and objectives of the Program.
1.12. The Portal and the Program Manager periodically, on their own initiative, sends to each Participant the information they have chosen (by e-mail or by mailing) information - an extract on the Participant's Account in the Program indicating the current balance of Points. In case of disagreement with the information contained in the statement, the Participant must inform the Program Manager about it within two weeks from the moment the statement is sent to the e-mail address of admin@монетка.com, otherwise it is considered that the Participant agreed with the information specified in the statement.

2. Rules for the calculation of points
2.1. Within the framework of the Program, Participants accumulate Points that can be used in accordance with these Terms of Participation.
2.2. Points are accrued to the Participant's Account in automatic mode only in case of fulfillment of actions within the framework of the Bonus Program and shares held by the Program Manager.
2.3. The number of points accrued for the actions of the Participant is established only by the Program Manager and may from time to time change at his discretion.
2.4. The Program Manager determines the list of actions for which a certain number of Points is credited to the Participant's Account. Points are charged in accordance with clause 2.2. of these Terms.
2.5. Credits accrued to the Program Participant Points can be used to receive a Premium account on the Portal, exchange Points to the Domestic Currency (Bonus Units) of the Portal in accordance with the relationship established by these Terms and / or receive other Portal services, including through assignment of claims. Points can also be used by the Participant to receive Coupon / Certificate Codes for entry on the Portal Portal in order to provide discounts, privileges or bonuses to the Member.
2.6. Participants of the Program are also credited Points for participation in various promotions, drawings, lotteries and other promotions / advertising campaigns of the Program, such as the passage of various surveys, congratulations on festive events, etc. In this case, the number of points. The amount to be accrued is determined by the Program.
2.7. Points for execution of certain actions within the framework of shares and / or advertising campaigns of the Program are accrued within 40 (forty) calendar days from the moment of fulfillment of the specified actions.
2.8. The points credited to the Participant's account and the rights granted under the Program can not be sold, transferred or assigned to another person or used in any other way except in order. stipulated by these Terms.

3. Conducting Lotteries
3.1. All the Lotteries held on the Portal are regulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 11.11.2003 No. 138-FZ "On Lotteries".
3.2. The program manager reserves the right, but does not guarantee, the holding of points and / or Coupon codes to receive Points and / or other privileges of the Portal during the validity period of the Program.
3.3. Information about the Lottery is published on the Portal's website www.монетка.com and is conducted in accordance with the Lottery Terms and Conditions published on the Lottery page. Terms of participation in the drawing, the number of winners, the rules for determining the winner of the lottery, the date and time of determining the winner, information on prizes is contained in the Lottery Terms and is set individually by the Program Manager for each Lottery held.
3.4. As the participant's lottery ticket, the ID number of the Program participant is used.
3.5. The lottery can be held both on the Portal Site and on third-party sites, as well as with the direct participation of third-party sites, and may also be aimed at attracting users of third-party sites on the Portal's Website.
3.6. If it is necessary to limit the number of Lottery Participants and / or orient the Lottery to a certain group of Participants of the Portal, the Lottery Terms and Conditions may provide for a paid participation in the Lottery. When. paid participation in the Lottery, the amount required for participation is debited from the Participant's Account at the time of registration for participation in the Lottery. In the form of payment for participation in the Lottery, only Points that are on the balance of the Participant's Account can be used.
3.7. Terms of the Lottery can be provided from 1 (one) to 3 (three) Winners.
3.8. Determination of the winner of the Lottery is made using the random number generation system among registered Participants.
3.9. Information about the winner (s) of the Lottery is published within 5 working days from the date of the procedure for determining the Lottery Winner on the Portal's website.

4. Withdrawing Points
4.1. In addition to writing off the Points in the transfer of the Promotional Goods, the Manager debits the Participant Account Points accrued as a result of errors related to the transaction that was canceled or the amount for which it was returned in the event of termination of the Program in accordance with paragraph 6.2, and when the Manager provides other services for request to the Participant.
4.2. The Points can be limited by the Manager. All Points that have validity and are not used by the participant to receive the Promotional Product during the validity period of the Points are debited from the Participant's Account. The portal does not guarantee the Participant's notification of the expiry of the Points and their cancellation.
4.3. The Participant undertakes to take all necessary measures to protect itself, prevent unauthorized use and protect the data to access the Account from unauthorized access by third parties. The Participant undertakes not to transfer the login and password from its Account to third parties for use. In case the Participant becomes suspicious about the security of his Account or the possibility of its unauthorized use by third parties, the Participant undertakes to take immediate steps to prevent unauthorized access to its Account in the order established in clause 1.5. Conditions.
4.4. When providing discounts as special conditions of service. the number of points to be written off is calculated at the rate of 1:10 (one bonus discount unit to ten points).
4.5. Points can be written off on initiative of the Portal if they were credited to the Participant's Account erroneously, as a result of illegal actions of the Participant or third parties or on other grounds than those provided for by the Terms.
4.6. When debiting Points, the number of which is a fractional number, an integral number of Points is calculated, in this case the number of Points is rounded up to an integer value.

5. Other conditions
5.1. Manager at his own discretion has the right to make any changes to these Terms of Participation, the Catalog of Promotional Goods and Services at any time without prior notification of the participant. Information on these changes is published on the website of the Program www.монетка.com.
5.2. The participant in accordance with the current legislation grants the Manager and his representatives the right to store, process and use their personal data specified in the Questionnaire within the framework and objectives of the Program. The manager reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time with a participant's notice for one month via the website of the Program www.монетка.com.
5.3. The notification is considered to be made on behalf of the Manager to the participant, if it is sent to the postal or email address of the Participant specified in the Manager's Database.
5.4. The Participant Support Center provides advice on initial appeals not older than 6 months.
5.5. In order to increase the attractiveness of the Program for Participants, to increase the list of benefits that Participants have the right to require under the Program due to participation in the Program, the Portal has the right to establish legal relationships with third parties that regulate the possibility of participants receiving special conditions of service when paying for goods (services, works) of third parties. Detailed conditions for the receipt by the Participants of special conditions of service when paying for goods (services, works) of third parties are brought to the attention of the Participants by placing the relevant information on the Program Site.

6. Processing of personal data
6.1. When registering on the Portal, the Participant automatically registers in the Program and agrees with the terms of the Participation in the Program. In case of registration on the Portal of a legal entity, registration in the Program is made by an individual who registers a legal entity on the Portal, which is the official representative of the Legal Entity for the Portal. Upon entering the Program and accepting the terms of participation, the individual provides the Portal with the following data: surname, name, patronymic, year, month, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number, address of residence / registration. The Manager uses this information to fulfill his obligations to the Participant. The responsibility for the accuracy of the data submitted is borne by the Participant.
6.2. The operator uses and processes the information:

  • for registration of a participant in the Program;
  • to fulfill its obligations to the Participants;
  • to provide information about the Program, the shares of the Program;
  • to evaluate and analyze the work of the Program;
  • to determine the winner in the shares held by the Manager.

By providing its personal data when registering with the Program, the Participant grants to the Manager his / her voluntary consent to processing and using his personal data for the purposes specified by the terms of participation, and also for the purpose of promoting his services by the Manager, in various ways, including but not limited to implementation automated analysis of personal data, information, as well as their transfer to third parties - Partners for the specified purposes, without limitation of the validity period.
6.3. This consent may be withdrawn on condition that the Manager is notified by sending to the Manager a scanned copy of the application containing the personal data provided to the Portal in accordance with clause 6.1. Conditions.
6.4. The Manager undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Participant, to observe the confidentiality regime for such information except for cases provided for by these conditions of participation and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

7. Limitation of liability of the Program
7.1. The participant is solely responsible for the safety and confidentiality of information entered on the Program Site during registration and / or when completing the application form, as well as contained in the personal account (hereinafter referred to as accounting information). The Program and / or the Program Manager is not liable for any losses caused to the Participant as a result of the use by third parties of the Participant's registration information that has become available to third parties through no fault of the Program.
7.2. The participant is responsible for any actions carried out using the Site of the Program in his / her personal account / using the personal account (the Account) on behalf of the Program Participant.
7.3. The participant is solely responsible for the safety of the login and password used to receive special conditions of service in accordance with these Terms.
7.4. The Program / Portal makes every possible effort to ensure the proper operation of the Program Site, however it is not responsible for non-fulfillment and / or improper performance of its obligations under these Terms, as well as possible losses incurred including but not limited to result:

  • illegal actions of third parties aimed at violation of information security or normal functioning of the Program Site;
  • disruptions in the operation of the Program Site, in other telecommunications networks caused by errors in the code, computer viruses and other extraneous code fragments in the software of the Program Site;
  • absence (impossibility of establishment, termination, etc.) of Internet connections between the Participant's server and the Site server of the Program;
  • carrying out by the state and municipal bodies, as well as by other organizations, of activities within the framework of the SORM (Operational-Search Activities System);
  • the establishment of state regulation (or regulation by other organizations) of economic activities of commercial organizations in the Internet and / or the establishment by specified entities of single restrictions that make it difficult or impossible to fulfill obligations in accordance with these Terms or parts thereof;
  • Other cases related to actions (inaction) of third parties aimed at worsening the overall situation using the Internet and / or computer equipment that exists during the Program's operation, as well as any other actions related to the operation of the Program Site and the actions of third parties;
  • execution of works on the Site of the Program, namely: The Program / Portal has the right to perform preventive maintenance in the software and hardware complex of the Site Programs with temporary suspension of the Site of the Program if possible at night and maximally reducing the time of inoperability of the Program Site. In case of force majeure circumstances, as well as accidents or malfunctions in the hardware and software complexes of third parties cooperating with the Program, or actions (inactions) of third parties aimed at suspending or terminating the operation of the Program Site, the work of the Program Site may be suspended, or notification of the Participant and reimbursement of any kind of loss.


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