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Site Setting

(as amended on May 6, 2016)

1. Status of the Terms and Conditions for the use of Portal

1.1. These Terms and Conditions for the use of the МОНЕТКА.com Portal (formerly and hereinafter the Terms) are developed by the Site Administration and define the conditions for the use and development of the Portal, as well as the rights and obligations of its Members and Administration. The terms also apply to relations related to the rights and interests of third parties who are not Participants of the Portal, but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of the actions of the Members of the Portal.
1.2. These Terms and Conditions are a legally binding agreement between the Participant and the Administration of the Portal, the subject of which is the provision by the Portal Administration of the Services to the Member of the Services for the use of the Portal and its services (hereinafter the Services). In addition to these Terms, the agreement between the Participant and the Site Administration includes all special documents governing the provision of individual Portal services and posted in the relevant sections of the Portal on the Internet.
1.3. The participant is obliged to fully familiarize himself with these Terms before registering on the Portal. Registration of the Participant on the Portal means full and unconditional acceptance by the Participant of these Terms in accordance with Art. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
1.4. These Terms can be changed and / or supplemented by the Portal Administration unilaterally without any special notice. These Terms and Conditions are an open and publicly available document. The current version of the Terms and Conditions is located on the Internet at the address: http://монетка.com/terms. The Portal Administration recommends that Participants regularly check the conditions of these Terms for changes and / or additions. Continuation of use of the Portal by the Participant after making changes and / or additions to these Terms means acceptance and consent of the Participant with such changes and / or additions.
2. Applicable terms
Terms - the basic concepts and rules for using the МОНЕТКА.com portal.
Portal (Company) - Web-site located at www.МОНЕТКА.com.
Administration - a team of developers that ensure the functioning of the portal properly to provide services to portal participants.
Participant (user) - an individual who has reached the age of 16, registered on the Portal and is able to use the service provided by the Portal.
Web site - a set of electronic documents (files) of a private person or organization in a computer network, united under one domain name.
Profile - a page on the Web site of the Portal, indicating the Participant's data, necessary to authorize the user.
Session - the time interval from the moment when the user opens the COnet site of the МОНЕТКА.com portal, including the transition to the Web site page of the online store and the purchase until the moment the browser window is closed with the website page of the online store, the server on which the Web is located -page of the online store or portal, the expiration of a certain time.
Making a purchase - the user conducting a purchase procedure by going to the website of an online store from the Portal catalog, in advance the Participant must be authorized in the profile.
Bonus funds are the saved funds of the Participant credited to his account in the profile for making purchases on the Web sites of online stores, the transfer to which was made from the catalog of the portal and on the terms provided by the portal.
Saved funds - see bonus funds.
Cashback (English Cash Back) - the return of a portion spent on the purchase of funds.
Offer - a description of the offer to buy in the online store or the description of the partner's service, presented on the website of the portal with the terms of the purchase and accrual of conditional bonus funds.

3. Status of the Portal COIN
3.1. The COINET portal is an Internet resource and is a collection of information and computer programs contained in an information system that provides the availability of such information on the Internet at the network address http://монетка.com.
3.2. All rights to the Portal as a whole and to the use of the network address (domain name) http://монетка.com belong to the Portal Administration. The latter grants access to the Portal to all interested parties in accordance with these Terms and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
4. Registration on the COINET Portal and the status of the Participant
4.1. Registration of the Participant on the Portal is free of charge, voluntary and conducted at the following address: http://монетка.com/shop/user/register
4.2. A member of the Portal is an individual registered in the Portal in accordance with the procedure established by these Terms, which has reached the age permitted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation to accept these Terms and has the appropriate powers (previously and hereinafter - the Participant).
4.3. When registering on the Portal, the Participant is obliged to provide the Administration of the Portal with the necessary reliable and up-to-date information for the formation of the Participant's personal page (Profile), including the unique login for each Member (e-mail address) and the password for accessing the Portal, as well as the name and surname. The registration form of the Portal can request additional information from the Participant.
4.4. The participant is responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation provided with registration information and its purity from claims of third parties.
4.5. Upon registration, the Participant agrees to these Terms and assumes the rights and duties specified therein in connection with the use and operation of the Portal.
4.6. After registration of the Participant on the Portal, the Participant is granted access to the personal profile and full functionality of the Portal and is subject to these Terms and Conditions.
4.7. One Member of the Portal may have only one account. Transfer of Bonus funds between two or more accounts, as well as their transfer to another Member of the Portal on the site are not possible. The ownership of several accounts to one person is determined by the coincidence of the name and / or IP-address of the users' entry and / or the requisites specified for withdrawal of funds from the site coincide. If a violation is detected, the user's actions are regarded as fraudulent, the account is deleted and access to the portal is blocked, and the accumulated funds are reset.
4.8. The user does not have the right to distribute the partner links posted on the site to third-party resources or with their help, including those belonging to the user. In case of attempts to "inflate" traffic by artificially increasing the number of clicks or orders due to fraudulent methods, the Administration reserves the right to block such a user and not to pay cashback. To prove the fact that a user does not commit fraud is his obligation.
4.9. By registering on the Portal, the Participant agrees with all additional Terms and Conditions valid at the Portal, including, but not limited to, the Partner Program Terms and Conditions.
4.10. The Administration of the Portal reserves the right to delete the Participant's account if the Participant's actions reveal fraudulent and / or deceptive actions.

5. Services provided by the Portal
5.1. The portal allows participants to make purchases in online stores presented in the catalog with the bonus money, which is a certain percentage of the amount of the purchase. This action is also known under the definition of "cashback". An obligatory condition for charging bonus funds to the user is the purchase through the transfer to the Web site of an online store and / or a third party from the Portal catalog, the fulfillment by the Participant of the terms of each offer and the confirmation of the fact of buying and receiving the goods / services by the online store and / or a third party. The transition to the Web site of the online store and direct purchase should be carried out within the framework of one Session.

6. Accrual of Bonus Funds
6.1. The participant has the opportunity to receive Bonus funds in case he makes a purchase in the online stores of partners represented in the Portal catalog. The participant must enter the profile on the portal by going through the authorization process on the site by entering a unique login and password, selecting the partner's online store in the portal's catalog and going to the partner's online store site for purchase by clicking on the "Get a discount" button or another button , published on the page with the description of the offer, make a purchase on the website of the Partner Portal of the Portal. All actions must be performed within the framework of one Session.
6.2. To conduct settlements with the Participants of the Portal, a tariff is set. (BE - Bonus Unit) = 1 rub. RF. Tariffication B.E. can be changed unilaterally by the Portal Administration without notifying the Participants.
6.3. A prerequisite for the accrual of Bonus funds is the fulfillment of the conditions described in each specific offer, the confirmation of the fact of the purchase made by the user, the online store, the portal partner and / or a third party. Bonus points are awarded according to the conditions published on the page of a separate proposal.
6.4. Bonus funds will not be accrued if the purchase is made without using the Portal catalog and performing the entire chain of necessary actions for purchase, namely - the Member of the Portal must enter the personal cabinet on the Portal, select the online store from the catalog and click on the button "Get cashback" on the page of the offer interesting to it, go to the web-site of the partner's online store and make a purchase there. All actions must be performed within one Session.
6.4.1. In the case of making purchases through third-party advertisements, as well as in the case of non-confirmation of the fact of purchase from the online store, portal partner and / or third parties, the Bonus funds can not be accrued.
6.4.2. The Administration of the Portal reserves the right to change the value of the Bonus funds accrued without prior notice, with the introduction of information on the relevant Web pages of the Portal.
6.5. The status and the amount of Bonus funds on the participant's balance are displayed in the Participant's Profile.
6.5.1. Bonus funds can have the following status:
means available for output - this field displays the amount of funds available for output. The withdrawal of funds, it is possible to implement in the case of accumulation of a minimum amount for withdrawal (100 B.E.). The amount of funds available for withdrawal is the difference between the amount of all confirmed funds and paid funds to the user, taking into account the fees of providers.
pending funds (Pending) - means by which the purchase is verified. The period required to obtain confirmation of the fact of purchase for different offers may be different, the average maximum period is about 60 days;
Unapproved funds (Rejected) - funds for which it was not possible to confirm the fact of the purchase on the terms specified in the offer;
the total amount of funds raised - the amount of funds that are displayed by the user.
6.6. Change and cancellation of Bonus Funds
The Administration of the Portal reserves the right to correct and cancel the funds accumulated by the user in the form of Bonus funds in the event of failure to confirm the fact of the user's purchase from the online store, portal partner and / or a third party.
6.6.1. Change and cancellation of accumulated Bonus funds is possible in case of any errors in their calculation, accrual and in the event that the user's actions are deemed fraudulent and misleading by the administration.
6.7. In the case of the deletion of the Participant's account on the portal, the accumulated Bonus funds are canceled and are not subject to withdrawal and transfer to the balance of the new Participant's account upon repeated passage of the registration procedure on the Portal.

7. Implementation of the withdrawal of accumulated Bonus funds
7.1. Participants who have accumulated a minimum amount for withdrawal of funds in the Profiles account (100 B.E.) are able to send a request for withdrawal of funds indicating the selected available withdrawal option and withdrawal amount.
7.2. After receiving a request from the Participant to pay the accumulated Bonus funds, the payment will be made by the selected Participant in a way within a few days (no more than 14 working days).
7.3. If necessary, the Administration of the Portal may request from the Participant additional information for the transfer of funds to the address of the Member of the Portal.
7.4. The withdrawal of the Bonus funds accumulated by the Participant is effected according to the requisites specified by the Participant. The participant undertakes to indicate the current requisites in order to exclude errors in the transfer of funds. Please carefully consider the details of the details for transferring funds. In case the invalid details are specified, the Administration does not guarantee receipt by the Participant of the accumulated funds requested for withdrawal.
8. Disclaimer of the Portal Administration
8.1. The Administration of the Portal makes no guarantees about the content, materials and products of this Web site, but will make every effort to provide the Portal with reliable and accurate information.
8.3. When making purchases, the Participant conducts the purchase process directly on the Web site of the online store, while the portal does not participate in the purchase process and assumes no obligations on this process.
8.4. The Administration of the Portal does not give any guarantees on the correct actions of online stores, partners and / or third parties regarding the transfer of information about the purchases made by the Participant. At the same time, Portal Administration МОНЕТКА.com will make every effort to correctly reflect all purchases of Participants.
8.5. The Administration of the Portal is not responsible for non-compliance with the terms of transfer of Bonus funds to the Participant's account, which are beyond the control of the Administration and which occurred not through the fault of the Administration.
8.6. The participant agrees not to take actions that may be considered to violate Russian law or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to a disruption of the normal operation of the Web site and Web-site services.
8.7. Inaction on the part of the Administration of the Portal, in case of violation of the provisions of the Terms by any of the Participants, does not deprive the Portal Administration of the right to take later appropriate actions in defense of its interests and protection of copyright to the materials of the Web site protected in accordance with the law.

9. Intellectual property.
9.1. The materials, graphics, design, software contained on the МОНЕТКА.com website are the property of the developers of the Portal and / or content providers and are protected by copyright laws.
Copying, reproducing, modifying, distributing, publishing, showing the content of the Portal without the consent of the developers is strictly prohibited.
The portal is intended solely for private use for non-commercial purposes.
10. Confidentiality.
10.1. Using the МОНЕТКА.com portal, the Participant provides information about e-mail, password, contact information, IP-address, browser data, cookies.
The collection of this information is carried out in order to provide users with a specified service with the best quality and in the shortest possible time.
10.2. By registering on the Portal, the Participant agrees that the data about it can be collected and used when providing the service by the portal МОНЕТКА.com.
10.3. The Administration of the Portal takes all possible measures to prevent unauthorized access to the personal information of the Participants. But you need to bear in mind that in the event that any failures and errors are detected during the operation of the Portal due to the operation of any malicious programs, the Administration of the Portal is not liable for possible losses of the Participants.

11. Browser extension.
11.1. Portal Coin offers users to install an extension for popular browsers. The extension allows the user to be notified of the availability of cashback in a particular store, and quickly use the option to receive cashback. When you click the "Activate cache" button, the user proceeds to the description page of the offer with the possibility of receiving a refund.

✔ I declare that I have read (a), understand, fully agree (a) and undertake to abide by these Terms of Service (portal rules).
✔ I am acquainted with the information on the conditions for withdrawal of the Bonus funds accumulated by the Participant, Change and cancellation of the Participant's bonus funds.
✔ I understand and agree that the Administration of the Portal, upon review, may refuse to transfer the Bonus funds to me.
✔ I hereby give to the Company my consent to:
- Processing of all my personal data, that is, any information directly or indirectly related to me, received from me and from third parties, including, but not limited to: the surname, name, patronymic, information about account details and bank cards, contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passport and other installation data, the registration address, as well as any other information reported by me in connection with the application for Bonus funds, in any manner, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification change, extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, both using automation tools, including software, entering them into the Portal database, and without using the means automation, using various material carriers, including paper carriers.
- For use by the Administration of the Portal and its authorized third parties of the e-mail addresses and phone numbers I have communicated as means of obtaining information, in the form of calls and short text messages.
- Receipt from the Administration of the Portal of advertising information on telecommunication networks, including through telephone, facsimile, mobile radiotelephone communication, other means of communication in any form.
- For the transfer of personal data specified by me by any third party within the framework of these Terms of Service, for the purposes provided by the Portal.
- To make copies of the documents I provide, including the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as keeping these copies electronically by the Company.
✔ I confirm that the Portal Administration has the right to verify the accuracy of the personal data provided by me, including using the services of third parties, and to use information about the non-fulfillment and / or improper performance of these Terms when considering the provision of other services.
The consent given by me in this Condition is valid for 3 (three) years from the date of its signing. After the expiration of the specified period of validity, this consent shall be deemed extended for each subsequent 3 (three) years in the absence of information on its recall.


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