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Client agreement (revised 16.12.2020)

Before using the service монетка.com and / or (hereinafter referred to as the "Service" ), carefully read the terms of this agreement, the rules for using the Service and the policy for processing your personal data set forth in this document (hereinafter referred to as the  "Agreement" ).

This document sets out the terms of the public offer (offer) of the Individual Entrepreneur Odintsov K.A., registered in accordance with the legislation of Russia under the registration number 315774600204451, legal address: 115280, Moscow, st. Vostochnaya, 15 / 6-22 (hereinafter -  "Company", "We" ), to any person using the Service (hereinafter -  "You", "Client" ), to conclude an agreement on the terms specified in the Agreement.

By registering on the site and / or, you agree to the terms of the Agreement. This Agreement comes into effect after you have completed the registration procedure on the Service, namely after you have pressed the "Registration" button   on the registration page (offer acceptance).

Among other things, the Agreement determines which personal data we use and how it is processed. We understand the priority of confidentiality of the personal information of each Client. The Agreement describes your rights in relation to personal data, as well as what we do to comply with these rights.

We have tried to make the Agreement accessible, concise and clear for you. If anything in the Agreement seems incomprehensible to you, please contact us in the "HelpDesk" section and we will provide all the necessary clarifications.

  1. General Provisions
    1. The Monetka Service is an Internet service that allows its Clients to return part of the money spent from purchases and / or other targeted actions specified on the Advertiser's page on the Service website (hereinafter referred to as “Targeted actions” ) performed on the Advertiser's website after using the Service (hereinafter these funds will be referred to as  "cashback" ), as well as receive information and advertising notifications about discounts, promotions, and special offers of the Service and Advertisers (previously and hereinafter "Advertiser" - any person or business entity that posted information about their goods / services offered for implementation to the Clients, on the Service website).
    2. In order for you to receive cashback, you need to follow the Service link to the Advertiser's website of your choice and make a purchase there in compliance with the conditions specified on the Service website, as well as on the website (web page) of the corresponding Advertiser. If the purchase is made in compliance with all the specified conditions, as well as other necessary conditions stipulated by this Agreement, and no return of the goods (or refusal of the service) is made, then the Advertiser, personally or through the used partner network, pays the Company or any of its affiliates commission - a pre-agreed monetary remuneration that the Advertiser pays for the attracted buyer who made an order in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (hereinafter -  "Commission"). After receiving the Commission, the Service credits the Client with cashback at the rate indicated on the Advertiser's page on the Service website, within a reasonable time, determined at the discretion of the Service. This process, on average, takes 30 days (for the avoidance of doubt, the indicated approximate period is provided for information purposes only and does not link the Service in any way).
    3. If the Advertiser does not provide information about the Targeted Actions performed by the Client or the Service does not receive a Commission, the Service, in turn, has the right not to accrue cashback to the Client until the specified information or Commission is received, and is not liable to the Client for the uncalculated cashback in this case.
  2. How to become a client of the service
    1. In order to become a Client of the Service and use the Service, the Client must complete the registration procedure on the Service website and accept the terms of this Agreement. Registration is required to create an account for the Client and his internal account, which will take into account the available cashback for purchases made using the Service.
    2. Only adults or minors acting in the person of their legal representatives can register and become Clients.
      By registering, the Client expresses his consent to the rules of this Agreement and guarantees that he is an adult or another person acting in the person of his legal representatives in full accordance with the legislation of the state of which the corresponding Client is a citizen.
    3. One person can have only one account, otherwise the Service reserves the right to block and delete repeated accounts. All accumulated cashback at the time of deletion of the account, if any, goes to the Service.
    4. The Monetka service recommends not sharing or transferring to other people the login and password from your account, not to save them on other computers, phones or tablets. In any case, the Service is not responsible for any damage caused to the Client in connection with these circumstances.
    5. If the Client of the Service has violated the terms of this Agreement, the rights of third parties or creates a threat to the operation of the Service, the Monetka has the right to block the Client's account with its further deletion and unilaterally extrajudicially terminate the Agreement concluded with the Client by notification by e-mail specified by the Client when registering in Service or upon its subsequent use.
    6. The Monetka has the right to make functional changes to the operation of the Service, change the rules for calculating cashback, as well as supplement and amend this Agreement. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you confirm and agree that continued use of the Monetka Service by the Client means acceptance of the changes.
    7. If for any reason the Client has changed the email address or other data specified during registration, the Client undertakes to change them in his account in the Monetka Service. Otherwise, problems may arise with the use of the Service, for which the Monetka is not responsible.
  3. Receiving a refund (cashback)
    1. If the Client of the Monetka Service has performed the Target Action in compliance with all the conditions of the Service and the Advertiser, and the Commission is transferred to the Service from the Advertiser in a pre-agreed amount, the cashback is automatically credited to the Client's balance in the Service. Having saved the amount that the Client wants to withdraw, but not less than the minimum amount specified on the withdrawal page  https: // , by any available method (the list of available withdrawal methods is presented on the Withdrawal page in the Personal Account).
    2. The Monetka unilaterally sets the cashback rate for each Advertiser and has the right to change it at any time until the cashback is credited.
    3. Cashback is credited for a completed Target Action only on the condition that the Target Action has actually been performed and payment has been made, if it is provided for by the Target Action. Monetka recommends Clients to save information and documents confirming payment for goods and / or services on the Advertiser's website (email, screenshot of the payment page).
    4. Attention!  In order to avoid non-accrual / rejection of cashback, it is prohibited to make multiple purchases in a short period of time in stores with a fixed cashback rate. Such actions can be perceived as fraudulent, which may entail blocking the user. We draw your attention to the fact that there are various situations in which the Advertiser cannot correctly identify the completed order and pay the Commission. Examples include viruses on your computer or installed additional browser extensions. In these cases, the Monetka is not responsible for non-accrual of cashback.
    5. Please note that the Company is not a tax agent for the Clients. All obligations to comply with the applicable legislation on taxes and fees in relation to the received cashback are performed by the Clients of the Service independently. The Company is not responsible for failure to fulfill obligations by the Client.
    6. The Service provides and guarantees payments only in those currencies and in the ways that are presented on the Site. The Company is not responsible for the impossibility of the Client receiving cashback in currencies other than those presented on the website. The company is not responsible and does not compensate for any additional costs incl. for conversion, which may be charged from the User when withdrawing cashback, to an account opened in a currency other than the one selected by the User on the site.
    7. The Company reserves the right to reject cashback for a targeted action if the Advertiser does not confirm the remuneration or does not receive a Commission from the Advertiser for 18 months or more from the date of the targeted action.
  4. Receiving bonuses and other rewards
    1. Referral program
      1. The Monetka Service provides its Clients with the opportunity to receive a reward for attracting new Service Users. To do this, on the “ Bring a friend” page of the Monetka website, the Client has the opportunity to generate a special URL link. Bonuses for attracting new Users of the Service are accrued in accordance with the Rules of the Bonus Program available at privacy-ppp .
      2. The Monetka Service provides its Clients with the opportunity, subject to the conditions specified in this paragraph below, to generate on the Advertisers 'pages on the Service website in the "Cashback Link" tab, special URL links in relation to certain goods / services of Advertisers and (or) Advertisers' stores presented in Service (hereinafter  referred to as the "cashback link" ), and earn on purchases made by any person, except for the Service Clients, who clicked on the cashback links. The client will be credited  100% from the amount of cashback that each of the persons who followed the cashback link and made a purchase could receive if such a purchase were made by the Client of the Service at the standard cashback rate in relation to the corresponding store of the Advertiser, without taking into account any bonuses, promotions and other reasons for increasing cashback. At the same time, specific exceptions, conditions and limitations of the specified conditions of the referral program may be established from time to time by the Service, subject to their publication at the permanent URL . For the avoidance of doubt, posted at the URL, conditions and limitations of the referral program are an integral part of the terms of application of the rules of the referral program of the Service specified in this Agreement.
        The conditions for creating cashback links are as follows:
        1. You can create a cashback link only in relation to certain goods / services of our Advertisers and (or) Advertisers' stores.
        2. A cashback link can be created for any page of the Advertiser's store website: be it a product / service, a store section or the home page.
        3. You can create an unlimited number of cashback links for one product / store page.
        4. If the relevant Advertiser terminates cooperation with the Service, the cashback link is terminated and ceases to act as a referral link.
        5. In order for the cashback on the cashback link to be credited to you, your referral must purchase the product / service within 1 (one) browser session after clicking on your cashback link, and also comply with all other conditions stipulated in clause 1.2. present agreement.
        6. Cashback is subject to accrual only after the order is confirmed by the Advertiser's store. If your referral cancels the order, cashback will not be credited to you.
      3. Attention!  The above conditions of the referral program shall be applied only on condition that the Client has not committed any violation of one or more of the provisions specified below:
        1. It is forbidden to create referral partners alone, to create a referral network in order to receive more rewards. If a fictitious referral network is detected, all its users will be blocked without the possibility of further cashback withdrawal and account renewal.
        2. We prohibit Clients from sending spam in the context of a referral program. It is strictly forbidden to send spam (to personal messages of social networks, in groups and communities of partner stores, in e-mail newsletters, etc.) to attract referrals. If the Client wishes to report cases of spamming using our referral program, he can report this in the "HelpDesk" section and Monetka will take appropriate measures.
        3. It is forbidden to use contextual advertising to attract referrals.
        4. Any creation of mobile applications, extensions and groups in social networks on behalf of the Service and using the Service logo is strictly prohibited. This also applies to pulling pages from the Service website inside applications.
      4. The Client's violation of any of the provisions of cl. 4.1.3 (a) - 4.1.3 (e) entails blocking the Client without the possibility of withdrawing funds and terminating the Agreement by the Service unilaterally out of court.
      5. The service reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of the referral program or terminate its work at any time.
    2. Loyalty program. For regular Clients of the Service, there is a loyalty program that allows you to increase the standard cashback rate. The current conditions of the loyalty program are indicated on the User's personal account page https: // .
      The terms of the Loyalty Program may not apply if the cashback rate differs from the standard one, for example, at the time of the promotion to increase the cashback in relation to the relevant Advertiser. The Monetka reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Loyalty Program or terminate its operation at any time.
  5. Withdrawal of accrued cashback
    1. The withdrawal of the accrued cashback from the internal account of the Client in the Service is carried out in any way convenient for the Client, presented on the Service. To withdraw cashback, you must fulfill the following conditions:
      1. The paid cashback amount must be at least the minimum amount available for withdrawal specified on the page .
      2. You must fill out an application for a withdrawal indicating the amount, withdrawal method and other necessary data, including your personal data required to pay cashback in accordance with the rules of the selected payment system.
      3. You must provide only real, reliable, accurate and registered data.
    2. Monetka will notify you about cashback withdrawal in the form, by a message via the communication channel selected by you in the appropriate section of your personal account or by e-mail to the e-mail address you specified during registration or while using the Service.
    3. After confirming the application and giving the Service an order to pay cashback:
      1. The obligation of the Service to pay the cashback specified in the application is considered fulfilled;
      2. The service is not responsible for the further fate of funds.
    4. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and confirm that if you choose the methods of withdrawing funds for citizens of the Russian Federation "Yandex.Money", "Bank card" or "Mobile phone top-up":
      1. You have read the terms of the Yandex.Money service (Quick Payment service)
      2. We agree that the counterparty's monetary obligation to the Client is fulfilled by crediting the corresponding amount to the Client's electronic means of payment in the Yandex.Money payment service.
    5. To make cashback payments, Monetka may use services and software solutions provided by third parties.
    6. The Monetka reserves the right to unilaterally change the conditions for withdrawing funds at any time, notifying its Clients.
  6. Authority and responsibility
    1. The Monetka does not sell any goods or services, but is an advertising platform that ensures that Advertisers place information about their goods / services.
    2. The Monetka is not responsible for the quality of the goods sold by the Advertisers or the services provided. All claims regarding the quality of the goods / services of the Advertisers are sent directly to the person who sold the relevant product or provided the relevant service.
    3. The Monetka does not bear any responsibility for the change or termination of the work of any Advertiser presented on the Service website, as well as for any influence on the accrual of cashback in connection with such changes. Monetka is not responsible for changing or terminating any special offers, promo codes and coupons on the Advertisers website.
    4. The Monetka does not bear any responsibility for the change or termination of the work of any Advertiser presented on the Service website, as well as for any impact on the accrual of cashback in connection with such changes. Monetka is not responsible for changing or terminating any special offers, promotional codes and coupons on the Advertisers website.
    5. Monetka is not responsible for the quality of public communication networks channels through which access to the Monetka Service or the Advertiser's website (services) is provided.
    6. The Monetka is liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the obligations assumed to transfer the cashback in accordance with applicable law, while Monetka's liability is limited to the amount of actual damage caused to the Client by his deliberate actions.
    7. The Monetka reserves the right to block or delete the Client's account if no purchases have been made through it for 2 (two) years from the moment of the last purchase through the Monetka website or from the moment of registration / last authorization (whichever happened earlier) ... In case of blocking or deletion, the entire accumulated cashback from the Customer's internal account is canceled.
    8. When making purchases, the Client carries out the purchase process directly on the Advertiser's website, while the Service does not participate in the purchase process and does not assume any obligations in this process.
    9. The Service does not provide any guarantees for the correct actions of online stores, partners and / or third parties in terms of transferring information about the Targeted Actions performed by the Client. At the same time, Coin will make every effort to correctly reflect all Target actions of the Clients.
    10. The Service is not responsible for non-compliance with the deadlines for transferring Cashback to the Client's account, which are beyond the control of the Service and that occurred through no fault of the Service.
  7. Intellectual property
    1. By registering on Monetka or using any other components of the Service, the Client acknowledges the fact that Monetka is the owner of all the contents of the Monetka website and the corresponding mobile applications. Designations, logos, trademarks Monetkas, trademarks and commercial designations of Advertisers, as well as other data, results of intellectual activity and means of individualization published and available on the Monetka website are the intellectual property of their owners and are protected by applicable law.
    2. No one has the right to copy, distribute, publicly display or create derivative works of the Monetka website, or use any materials belonging to the Company, without obtaining the appropriate prior permission of Monetka.
    3. By using the services of Monetkas or any other materials belonging to Monetkas, the Client agrees to comply with all additional instructions of Monetkas on the protection of copyrights, trademarks and other objects of intellectual rights reflected on the Monetkas website and mobile applications, as well as all other instructions and restrictions.
  8. Transfer of rights and obligations
    1. The Monetka reserves the right to fully or partially transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any individual or legal entity without the need to obtain the Client's consent to such transfer.
    2. The client does not have the right to unilaterally transfer his rights and obligations to third parties without the prior written consent of the authorized representative of the Monetka.
  9. Breach of customer agreement
    1. The Monetka reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject the accrual of cashback unilaterally and suspend or completely terminate the access of any Client to the Service if such Client has violated the terms of this Agreement.
    2. A violation of the terms of the Agreement, among other things, is considered:
      1. receiving a message from the Advertiser about cases when the amount of cashback to be credited to the Client is greater than the actual amount of payment for the order;
      2. frequent orders for large amounts (frequency and amount depend on the Advertiser's store);
      3. placing an order with a cashback by an employee of the Advertiser's store;
      4. registration of several accounts in the store in order to receive a cashback at the rate of a new user;
      5. fake screenshots and receipts;
      6. rejection of the order reward by the Advertiser's store;
      7. other complaints about fraud received from the Advertiser's store.
    3. Any attempts of fraud or deception on the part of the Client entail blocking or deletion of this Client's account. All accumulated cashback at the time of deleting the account, if any, is transferred to Monetka's disposal.
    4. If the Client has suspicions of fraud, he can inform Monetka about it in the "HelpDesk" section. The Client's appeal will be considered by the relevant service and appropriate measures will be taken by the employees of the Service.
  10. Service failures
    1. The Monetka allows for the likelihood of failures in the operation of the Service associated with technical problems or deliberate actions of third parties. In the event of such a situation, the Monetka is not responsible for the non-accrual of cashback and other non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its obligations in accordance with the Agreement. The Monetka reserves the right to suspend the operation of the Service and its components until threats or errors are eliminated. In all cases of service failures, requests for a refund will not be considered.
    2. The Monetka reserves the right to cancel transactions that were carried out during the failure of the Service, if there are objective reasons for this or suspicions of possible fraud or error.
    3. The Monetka will make every reasonable effort to correct any technical issue that may arise within a reasonable time frame.
  11. Legality and duration of this agreement
    1. This Agreement is considered concluded upon completion of the registration of the Client (the Client completes the acceptance of the offer) and is valid until the Client's account is deleted.
    2. This Agreement and the relationship of the Monetka with the Clients of the Service in connection with this Agreement are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation to the extent that this is allowed based on the national conflict of laws rules applicable to the parties to this Agreement.
    3. In the event of a linguistic discrepancy in the interpretation of the provisions of this Client Agreement, the Russian version of the Agreement will be valid for the purposes of its execution, interpretation and settlement of disputes.
  12. Contacts

You can contact us or send questions using the "HelpDesk" section.

If anything in the Agreement remains unclear to you, we will be happy to clarify its provisions.


✔ I declare that I have read (a), understand, fully agree (a) and undertake to abide by these Terms of Service (portal rules).
✔ I am acquainted with the information on the conditions for withdrawal of the Bonus funds accumulated by the Participant, Change and cancellation of the Participant's bonus funds.
✔ I understand and agree that the Administration of the Portal, upon review, may refuse to transfer the Bonus funds to me.
✔ I hereby give to the Company my consent to:
- Processing of all my personal data, that is, any information directly or indirectly related to me, received from me and from third parties, including, but not limited to: the surname, name, patronymic, information about account details and bank cards, contact phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passport and other installation data, the registration address, as well as any other information reported by me in connection with the application for Bonus funds, in any manner, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification change, extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, both using automation tools, including software, entering them into the Portal database, and without using the means automation, using various material carriers, including paper carriers.
- For use by the Administration of the Portal and its authorized third parties of the e-mail addresses and phone numbers I have communicated as means of obtaining information, in the form of calls and short text messages.
- Receipt from the Administration of the Portal of advertising information on telecommunication networks, including through telephone, facsimile, mobile radiotelephone communication, other means of communication in any form.
- For the transfer of personal data specified by me by any third party within the framework of these Terms of Service, for the purposes provided by the Portal.
- To make copies of the documents I provide, including the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as keeping these copies electronically by the Company.
✔ I confirm that the Portal Administration has the right to verify the accuracy of the personal data provided by me, including using the services of third parties, and to use information about the non-fulfillment and / or improper performance of these Terms when considering the provision of other services.
The consent given by me in this Condition is valid for 3 (three) years from the date of its signing. After the expiration of the specified period of validity, this consent shall be deemed extended for each subsequent 3 (three) years in the absence of information on its recall.


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