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We find our favorite pharmacy, make a purchase and get a cashback from each order. It's as simple as 2x2!


In this section you will find cashback offers from leading car manufacturers, accessories and accessories for your car.


Buy your favorite accessories from official suppliers Coin through the portal and get cashback on the amount of each purchase.


Buy products for adults in partner shops and get cashback with every purchase.


Совершайте покупки в любимых гипермаркетах и возвращайте часть средств с каждого заказа.


Order food to your home or office, buy products and goods for home delivery and receive cashback with every order.

Pet shops

Buying supplies in the shops of our partners, you get an additional benefit.

Tools & Gardening Tools

The necessary tools and garden equipment are only for proven partners with better conditions.


Buy new books and bestsellers in stores worldwide partner portal coin and get cash back of each book.

Health & Beauty

Buy cosmetics, skin-care products or medications and have: health, youth, beauty and cashback paid on each purchase.

Coupon Services

Buy coupons on any entertainment and not only get a discount coupon, but cashback of the value of the coupon.

Furniture & Homeware

Buy furniture and interior goods portal using a coin and get cashback on each purchase and delivery.

Music & Sound

Do you like listening to music? Or create? Buy music equipment in stores from the catalog and get a double pleasure.

Clothing & Footwear

Presented online shopping brand of men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes, with cashback on purchases.

Gifts & Flowers

Surprise your loved ones with gifts, souvenirs or colors, and themselves cashback with every pleasant moment.


Buy goods for sports themselves and the families and friends of our retail partners and get cashback.

Soft & Games

Buy software or games from direct suppliers and manufacturers and get a cashback from every purchase!

Goods for children

Treat your child a new toy or the clothes and entertain yourself small rewards with every purchase.

Goods for creativity

Buy goods for creativity or hobbies and get a cashback from every paid purchase. Is not it cool?

Chinese products

Do you often order things from China? Do not forget to choose a seller with free shipping and get a cashback, and coupons will help to get additional benefits.

Goods by mail

In this section you can find the goods that you can order and receive in your post office - it's very convenient!

Hobbies and leisure

How nice to have a hobby and it does not matter what others say about it - the main thing that you would like and bring satisfaction.

Digital & Appliances

Digital consumer electronics and online stores sold our partners with the ability to cashback. Buy and get a portion of the amount back.

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