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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to register?

That we knew who to charge cashback, it is necessary to register on the site.

There are several ways to register:

  • Through one of the social networks
  • E-mail

If you registered via email, then after registration you can link your account to social networks in your account and access the site through the social network.

When registering, enter your Name and Surname, contact mailbox, login and password.

After registration, you must activate your account by clicking on the link sent to the email address you specified.

After the account is activated you will receive a free Premium account for 30 days and access to more than 1 200 active offers from online stores and services and receive a cashback.

Premium account allows you to receive a cashback 10% higher than normal rates. All tariffs on the site will be immediately indicated with regard to your account, and in your personal account you will see its validity.

What is a cashback and how does it work?

Cashback - the ability to receive part of the money spent on purchases: a percentage or a fixed bonus established by the partner.

It's very simple: we bring customers to the stores, they pay us a commission, and we share it with you.

We cooperate with more than 2,000 partners - shops and services. Making purchases from them through our service, you will receive a portion of the order amount back in the form of a cashback.

It's very easy to buy with a cashback:

  1. You register on the site
  2. Choose a store or service in our catalog and go to it on a special link
  3. You buy, as usual: the way of payment and delivery of the role does not play
  4. After placing an order, the cashback will appear in your office!

Once the amount of confirmed cashback in your personal account reaches 100 rubles, you can withdraw money in a convenient way: to a card, account, e-wallet or replenish a mobile phone account.

All transitions, orders and charges you can track in your account.

Conditions for purchases with a cashback in a particular store can be found on the page describing the offer.

The basic order of actions of purchases with a cashback

The basic order of actions for purchases with a cashback:

  1. Log in (log in with your login and password or through the social network) on the site монетка.com or its mirror (
  2. Find in the catalog of our partners the store or service in which you want to place an order
  3. Go to the partner's website by clicking on the "Get Cashback" special button
  4. On the partner's website find the desired product or select it from the list of favorites / desired goods
  5. Add item to cart and place order
  6. During the day, the cashback will be displayed in your personal account in the status "Pending"

Each store sets its own requirements and it can have additional rules. You can familiarize with them on the page of the description of the cashback offer.

Can I use the site if I am not from Russia?

Sure you can. Even if you are not a resident of Russia, you can use our site absolutely free of charge. On the page of each proposal in the field "Geotargeting" is indicated the information for which countries the offer is available. Typically, store sites determine the user's belonging to a country by his ip-address or delivery address.

Do you have an extension for the browser?

Oh sure.

Most recently, we released our extension-reminder cashback for popular browsers. You can install the extension for your browser on the "For the browser" page. It's absolutely free and will always remind you of the cashback.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, currently a mobile application is available for Android smartphone users. Download it you can absolutely free of charge on the "For smartphone" page of our site or immediately from PlayMarket.

For iOS users, the application is in development and will also be available soon.

The account on your site should be registered on the same mail as in the store?

No, it's not necessary. You can register an account on our site to a convenient post or account in the social network.

Do I need to register a new account in the store to receive a cashback?

There is no such need. You can use your existing account in the store and receive a cashback.

In some cases, stores do not charge cashback when using internal bonus programs, loyalty programs that exist on your existing account in the store.

If the store has special conditions, they will be indicated on the description page of the offer.

How much will I return from the order?

The size of the cashback depends on the conditions of the store and the purchased product.

Information about the size of the cashback can be seen on the description page of the offer. Cashback can be in the form of a fixed amount (usually in such cases there is a minimum order amount at which the cashback is credited) or as a percentage of the order amount.

Some stores categorize cashback bets depending on the purchased product or whether you are a regular customer of the store or making an order for the first time. In addition, many stores provide a bonus program, within which, with the "development" of a certain volume of orders or turnover of our portal, the cashback will be increased.

If there are many categories, they are placed in the form of one or more drop-down lists, if you select values ​​in which you will see the size of the cashback for a particular category.

For example, in Aliexpress, there is a Bonus Program, Product Categories and Customer Categories. In order to see what cashback you receive in the category Other goods for order from Russia you need:

  • Bonus program choose "Default"
  • Product Category - Other Categories
  • Customer Category - Your Country

In some cases, the interpretation of the categories of tariffs is published in the description of the proposal in the form of a table or link, clicking on which you will see a full breakdown of the categories.

The size of the cashback can also vary depending on your level or during periods of holding stocks in the store.

Can I get a cashback for orders before registering on your site?

Unfortunately no.

The fact is that we receive compensation from partners only for those orders that were made only by our link and they simply do not have any sense to pay for an order made without our help.

But, if you have not paid the order yet and you have the opportunity to cancel it, you can do it and re-order the order through our service taking into account all the basic rules and get a cashback.

Why shops are profitable?

You probably know that the cost of any product or service immediately pays for advertising, website promotion, attracting customers, etc.

Thanks to our service, shops pay for the same result (purchase of goods), but not to advertising agencies, but to us. Part of this reward we give to you in the hope that you will like our service and in the future, when you next purchase in an online store, remember about us.

Cashback service is the same channel for advertising goods and services, as, for example, a banner, only in this case does the store gain - in the form of purchased goods and the buyer - in the form of savings.

Signup Bonus

As a bonus for registration, immediately after the activation of your account you will be given a free Premium account for 30 days and a bonus of 500 points will be credited within the partner program (equivalent to 50 rubles).

With the Premium account, your cashback for the first 30 days will be increased by 10% from the base rate in more than 1,200 stores and services from our catalog.

After the Premium account expires, you can continue to use the site absolutely free of charge and receive a cashback, receiving a regular cashback bet.

* during the validity period of any increased account, all tariffs on the site are indicated taking into account bonuses.

How will the store understand that I made the order through you?

When you go to the store, our link transfers special parameters, by which he understands that it is we who brought the client and charges us with a reward. We, in turn, give you some of this reward and charge the cashback.

All necessary parameters are transferred to the partner sites in the form of cookies.

Since some extensions, viruses, or programs are capable of erasing cookies, substituting or making changes, they can cause not a cashback charge.

In order to avoid losing the cashback, you must disable third-party extensions or add specific sites to the whitelist.

In order to reduce the risk of losing your cashback, our site checks if any page on it checks: is it possible to write cookies in your browser's memory if the ad blocker AdBlock is disabled.

If cookies can not be recorded, or an ad blocker is enabled, a notification will appear on the screen about the restriction of the site functionality with instructions for eliminating the restrictions and correct accounting for the cashback.

Will there be a cashback for orders in the store, if after the order you stopped working with it?

For all orders completed before the termination of work with the partner, the cashback will necessarily be credited.

See the approximate date for processing the cashback for each order, you can in the section My transactions in the processing date column, as well as in the details of the operation in the corresponding field.

Please note that this date is approximate and is not final, and can be changed by the partner, both in large and in smaller side in each individual case.

There is a transition, but there is no cashback. What to do?

Do not worry. We will definitely try to help you and charge your cashback.

Less than 24 hours have passed since the order was placed

Cashback is fixed during the day (24 hours from the moment of placing an order) after the purchase (except for several partners, if the cashback is fixed for longer than a day, the notice of this restriction will be published on the proposal page). If less than 24 hours have passed and the order is made in accordance with our recommendations, the cashback will appear in your office.

It took more than a day since the order was made

If the purchase is completed more than a day, make sure that you comply with all of our recommendations and the terms of the offer are met. You can get acquainted with the conditions of the store on the page of each offer.

If the order is issued correctly - add it manually in your account in the section "Add order", we will certainly try to help you.

Track the status for this request, you can in the "History of requests" section of your personal cabinet.

If any recommendation has been violated - you can cancel the order in the store and reissue it again, in compliance with all recommendations.

Not cashback by the order of the referral (friend)

Cashback by order of a referral (friend) may not be credited for several reasons:

  • Referral did not make an order
  • Cashback by order of a friend has not yet been confirmed (usually the confirmation of the cashback occurs within 30 days from the moment of placing the order, but this term can be increased by the partner in a larger direction)

If you are sure that the cashback was not credited for another reason - contact HelpDesk in your personal account. We will update the information on the order and be sure to try to help.

Can I use coupons and receive a cashback?

Of course you can, just for this we publish them.

Some stores pay a smaller cashback or do not pay cashback when using coupons - this will necessarily be notified on the proposal page, so be sure to read the terms in full.

Will there be a cashback if I do not redeem the entire order?

In the case of partial order redemption, the cashback will be credited to the final amount of the redeemed order.

Exceptions to the rules:

  • Aliexpress - in case of opening a dispute with the seller and a partial refund - cashback can be completely rejected.
  • La Redoute - making changes to the order through the operator entails a deviation of the cashback. We recommend completely cancel the order and re-order.
  • The final amount of the order was less than the minimum order amount in the description of the offer.

How do I cancel an order or a cashback?

If you want to cancel the order - you need to contact the store where the order was placed.

For this you can find it in our catalog, go to his site and find contact information.

If you want to cancel the cashback by order for non-redemption / cancellation / refund reasons, do not worry, the cashback will be rejected automatically after a while, immediately after receiving the status of the order from the partner.

If you still want to cancel the cashback by order - open the transaction details in the "My transactions" section, go to the bottom of the page and click "Cancel order". The status will be changed online.

Will the cashback be credited when purchased via a mobile device / partner application?

Oh sure. In most cases, partners support the recording of orders made through a mobile version of the site. It is important only to follow the basic recommendations for purchases with cashback.

In some cases, the cashback may not be credited when making purchases through the mobile store application. Therefore, we recommend, if possible, use a computer or mobile version of the site.

  • The mobile version of the site is what the site looks like when you enter it through a browser on your mobile device.
  • Mobile application is a special application installed on your smartphone.

If you still want to place an order through a mobile application, write to our consultants in which particular store you want to place an order, we will specify for you whether the cashback will be credited in this case.

When making purchases through the mobile application Aliexpress, the cashback is successfully credited.

In the near future on our site will be added information about the support of mobile applications and versions of sites for each individual offer.

Why did the order / cashback amount change?

Changing the amount of the order or cashback is automatically based on the data sent to us by the partner for your order.

The reason for changes in the amount of the order and / or cashback can be:

  • partial order redemption or return
  • the store initially transmitted the wrong information and during the processing, prior to the confirmation of the cashback, updated the information (check the correctness of the rate, taking into account the categories and other conditions on the proposal page)
  • when making a purchase in a store with which settlements are made in a currency other than the ruble, the cashback is recalculated at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of confirmation
  • when buying in Aliexpress the reason for changing the amount of the order and / or cashback may be the opening of a dispute with the seller or a partial refund of funds for the order

If the cashback after all is incorrectly charged - be sure to contact HelpDesk in your personal account. We will figure out the reason for the error and do our best to correct the error.

Can I pay for the order with a card with a cashback / other bonus program?

It is not profitable for stores to provide both a discount / cashback on the card and a reward to us.

When using bank cards with a cashback / bonus program "Thanks" or another bonus program for order payment, we can not guarantee the charging of the cashback. It all depends on the store.

We recommend using cards without additional bonus programs or cash. 

Will cashback be paid in cash order to the courier?

Yes, of course, the method of payment plays no role. You can choose any payment and delivery method supported by the store. To successfully obtain a cashback, it is important to follow the main shopping recommendations and store conditions on the proposal page.

If the store does not pay cashback when choosing a particular method of payment or delivery - the information on this page will be published on the proposal page.

An invalid cashback is displayed. What is the problem?

There are several reasons why the cashback may not be displayed correctly.

1. Categorization of the cashback

Some stores pay a different size of cashback depending on the product category.

Information about product categories and cashback rates is available on the description page of the offer. Recheck, perhaps you just identified the goods in the wrong category.

2. Premium Account / Loyalty Program

Perhaps because of the change in your account, you expected to see another amount of cashback.

The size of the cashback is always calculated based on your account level at the time of the order. If at the time of the order you had a Free account, and then changed, for example, to Bronze and all rates on the site began to be displayed in view of the new tariff.

3. Partial redemption / use of the coupon / payment for delivery

If you redeemed the order not completely, used any discount coupon or initially the cashback was credited to the full amount of the order taking into account the delivery, at the time of confirmation, the cashback will be automatically recalculated based on the final payment amount minus the shipping cost and discounts.

4. Invalid order amount

Some stores / affiliate networks, through which we work with them, initially transmit an incorrect amount of order and reward, and during the processing and confirmation of the cashback, the information is updated.

If after confirmation of the cashback the amount has not changed, be sure to write to the HelpDesk service in your personal account. We will certainly find out the reason for this accrual and do everything to help you.

5. Recalculation of cashback when calculating from stores in a currency other than the ruble

When making orders, for example, Aliexpress, Booking, and others who are calculating in dollars / euro / hryvnia and other currencies, the size of the cashback is recalculated at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of confirmation. Therefore, the final amount of the cashback can change both in the smaller and larger side, depending on the changes in the exchange rate.

Determine in what currency the partner conducts mutual settlements can be very simple: in the details of the operation, the name of the partner will necessarily indicate the amount of your order in currency ($, euro or hryvnia) - if it is there, then the calculations are not in rubles. If the amount under the name of the partner is not, then mutual settlements are conducted in rubles.

Why cashback 0 rubles?

Some stores initially do not give us information about the amount of the order or reward. Because of this, a zero cashback can be displayed.

Do not worry, during the processing of the cashback the store updates the information and the cashback will be credited correctly.

One of the reasons for a zero cashback can also be a failure to meet the store's minimum order requirement.

If, however, the cashback was confirmed at $ 0.00, but all the requirements are met, write to our HelpDesk service, we will find out the reason and do our best to correct the error.

Cashback is not confirmed, what should I do?

Confirmation of the cashback is automatic, immediately after the store sends it to the order confirmation. Approximate date for confirmation of the cashback can be viewed for each order in the section "My transactions" and in the details of the specific order in the column "Processing date".

This date is calculated automatically based on the average confirmation time of the cashback, which is published on the proposal description page.

Since this is the average processing time, the caching of the cashback can occur both earlier and later than this date.

If the order has already been redeemed (or the hotel has already taken place) and 2 weeks have passed since the date of processing - write to our HelpDesk service in your personal account. We will find out the reasons for the delay and do our best to speed up the confirmation of the cashback.

Cashback rejected, why?

The rejection and confirmation of the cashback is automatic, based on the statuses for your orders sent to us by the partner. The reason for rejecting the cashback can be:

  1. cancellation of the order by the client
  2. the order was not redeemed
  3. returned goods
  4. non-fulfillment of purchase recommendations
  5. Non-compliance with the store conditions described on the proposal page
  6. when buying in Aliexpress the reason for rejecting the cashback may be the opening of a dispute with the seller and a partial refund
  7. when buying in La redoute, the reason for rejecting the cashback may be to make changes to the order through the store manager - it's better to cancel the order and place a new one

If the cashback was rejected wrongly, be sure to write about it in HelpDesk in your personal account. We will find out the reason for the rejection and do our best to help you.

Why is not cashback 10%? I have the same Gold account

The fact is that the premium account does not give 10% cashback from the order amount, but increases the base rate by 10%.

For example, if in the Sportmaster store the basic size of the cashback is 4% of the order amount, then taking into account the Gold account you will get 4% + 0.4% (10% from 4%) = 4.4%.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to pay 10% of the amount of the order, with all the desire, since we do not receive such a reward from our partner ourselves.

* during the validity period of any increased account, all tariffs on the site are indicated taking into account bonuses.

Made an order without going over your link, can I get a cashback?

Unfortunately, in this case, the cashback can not be credited. We receive rewards from shops only for those orders that were made through our link.

If you have not paid or received the order yet and you have the opportunity to cancel it, you can re-register it by clicking on our link, taking into account all the recommendations of purchases with a cashback and getting a cashback.

Cashback was gone. What to do?

Do not worry, often, the reason for this situation is the accidental creation of a second account.

Make sure you're signed in to the same account from which orders were made.

Recall, you have the opportunity to log on to the site via email or one of the social networks. If earlier you created an account via email and did not tie a social network account to it, then when you enter through the social network you create a new account.

If you still can not find your cashback - tell us us any order number, fixed in your account, to the HelpDesk service in your personal account. We'll find your cashback.

The effect of extensions on the loss of cashback

What is an extension?

The extension (also called a plug-in or add-on) is a program that installs into the browser and gives you additional options: to track the package, block annoying ads and much more.

Extensions that can cause the loss of the cashback

Extensions that affect the cashback, a lot. We constantly test their work and can identify several types that can cause not the appearance of cashback:

  • Advertising blockers
  • Blockers of trackers behavioral activity
  • Extensions for price monitoring, seller / store status
  • Extensions related to online shopping (shop assistants)
  • Enhancements to find promotional codes
  • VPN extensions, anonymizers
  • Other ad extensions
  • Additions to social networks

For their work, extensions can use cookies. Cookies are pieces of data with which the browser receives information from the server. These files can store information about user actions on the site, for example, the selected site language and other settings.

In our work, a special user ID and information about the transition to the store site from our service are recorded in cookies. This is necessary to ensure that the partner store after checking the order data provided us with a reward and we charged you a cashback.

Many developers of browser extensions try to monetize the work of their extensions and one of the ways to do this is to substitute information stored in cookies for the developers needed (this can be data from a third-party referral program).

Let's take a look at the example of AliExpress extensions

When switching from our website to the website of the AliExpress store, a special identifier is entered into the affiliate link, with the help of which the partner store determines that the customer came with the help of our service. The affiliate link data is written to the cookie. In the event that your browser has the extension helper Aliexpress (these are extensions that usually show the seller's rating, the history of price changes and much more), in the process of placing an order, this addition changes our identifier to your own, overwriting the data in a cookie. Thus, the store believes that the user was not brought by our service, but by the other (in this case, the affiliate program that cooperates with the extension-helper of Aliexpress) and transfers the reward for the order to that particular service. Thus, the cashback is lost.

Similarly, cashback is affected by extensions that are associated with online shopping (so-called assistants) and extensions for finding promotional codes.

Other extensions - ad blockers and behavioral behavior trackers affect cashback in a slightly different way. Examples of such extensions can be: Adguard, Avast Online Security and others. These extensions do not overwrite cookies, but block the way information is transmitted, with which information about the order is recorded.

How to secure your cashback?

To secure your cashback, we recommend, if possible, disable third-party extensions in the browser from which you make purchases with a cashback.

After the transition does not open the mobile store application

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, the easiest and quickest way to fix the problem is to reinstall the store application.

In this case, the "Open by default" setting should be reset and the next time you click on our link you will see a menu in which you can select which application to open the product page - in the application or in the browser.

In order not to reinstall the store application, you can try changing the "Open by default" settings for the store application. Consider, for example, the application Aliexpress. To change settings: go to your smartphone settings, select "Applications" or "Application manager", find the required application. In our case, Aliexpress press "Open by default", select "Always" (all links with the store's domain will open in this application) or "Always ask" (always ask through which application to open the link)

If your smartphone is not on Android, please refer to the operating instructions.

How to make a screenshot?

In order to make a screenshot on your computer, you need:

OS Windows:

1. Open the browser in the page that you want to receive the image. The screen should display the date, amount and order number, as well as its status

2. Press the PrintScreen key (PrSsc) on the keyboard - as a rule, it is located in the top row of the function keys

3. Open the Paint graphics editor or any other (usually it is: Start - Standard - Paint)

4. Press Insert or press Ctrl + V, then the image will appear in the graphics editor

5. Save the image in JPEG or PNG format

Mac OS:

Screenshot full screen

  1. Hold Command (⌘) + Shift + 3 at the same time;
  2. Find the finished snapshot as a PNG file on the desktop.

Screenshot screenshot screenshot

  1. Hold Command (⌘) + Shift + 4 at the same time (the cursor will become a crosshair);
  2. Drag the mouse cursor to select the desired area.
  3. When dragging, you can hold down the Shift, Option, or Space key to change the selection; After selecting the desired area, release the mouse button or the trackpad.
  4. To cancel, press the Escape key (esc) before releasing the mouse button;
  5. Find the finished snapshot as a PNG file on the desktop.

On your mobile device:


The most common ways.

  • Hold down the power (Power) + volume down;
  • Hold the Home + Power buttons simultaneously;
  • Press the Power + Back buttons simultaneously.

Most of the screenshots are saved by default to the folder: Phone memory / Pictures / Screenshots. The option of saving to a memory card is possible: sdcard / Pictures / Screenshots.

Windows Phone:

  • Windows Phone 8 - press the Windows + Power button (Power) simultaneously;
  • Windows Phone 8.1 - press simultaneously power (Power) + increase the volume;
  • Windows 10 Mobile - press simultaneously power (Power) + increase the volume.

In all cases, the photo is saved in the Photos application.


At the same time, press the Home + Power button;

Find the finished photo in the Photos app.

Not attached referral

There are several reasons why your referral could not attach:

  • Your friend has already visited our site and did not register on it, but the system has already assigned it a unique label;
  • Your friend did not click on the referral link;
  • Your friend has already visited our site through another affiliate link;
  • Your friend tries to register with the same computer from which you are registered.

Unfortunately, there is no way to link a friend to your account manually.

If for one of the above reasons a friend does not become your referral, he can click on your link from the new browser, register a new account, and then contact HelpDesk with a request to block the old account (the application must be created from the old account).

Forgot login / password. How to restore access?

You can restore the login / password to enter the site through a special form.


Users who have registered with the email can retrieve the password.

If you registered via a social network, you can change the password only in the social network settings. [/ Note]

You can restore the login / password as follows:

1. Click "Sign in" in the upper right corner of the browser page, then click "Forgot your username?" or "Forgot your password?".

2. On the page that opens, specify the email address used to register. Within 10-15 minutes, a message will be sent to the specified mailbox containing the login / link for password recovery.

3. After clicking on the link, create a new password and enter it twice in the form fields.

I can not go to the store. What to do?

1. Goes to the main page

After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the main page of the site.

Most likely in the button "Get a cashback" after switching to a new design did not update the link.

Write to our consultants - check online.

2. The transfer is carried out to a site different from the one indicated in the offer

This situation can occur if the store has stopped working on the cashback system, then the system offers you the closest store in the assortment.

3. White screen

  • After clicking "Receive a cashback", a blank page is loaded, and the link is displayed in the address bar: The reason for the error can be the Anti-Banner module of Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

To solve the problem it is necessary: disable the module in the antivirus settings or add the address module to the white list:, and However, this list is constantly updated, so if possible, specify in the module a link to the fileМонетка.com

  • When switching to Aliexpress, the white screen, and in the address bar link

The problem can be in the provider or the ad blocker.

To fix the problem, disable all ad blockers (extensions, antivirus modules, built-in blocker functions in the browser). If the reason is still in the provider - try to go with the help of another access point.

4. The store stopped working on the cashback system

We regularly check the restoration of work of stores on the system of cashback, and specially for you we made the function "Notify availability" When the offer is available again, you will receive an email notification automatically.

Unfortunately, we can not inform you of the final withdrawal of the store from the cashback system or the timing of the resumption of work.

Message: Site functionality is limited

A similar message can occur if you have some kind of extension that blocks ads (not necessarily AdBlock), or there are restrictions on writing cookies.

To solve the problem, try to disable all third-party extensions and update the site page.

Example of notification:

Examples of other extensions with the ad blocking feature:

The Opera browser has a built-in ad blocker.

You can turn it off as follows: go to Menu-Settings or simply press Ctrl + P and go to the Basic section.

In the "Block advertising" section, uncheck "Block advertising and work on the Internet three times faster".

The Yandex browser has several built-in ad blockers by default.

Click 3 horizontal bars in the upper-right corner of the browser, then click "Add-ons" and disable all extensions

Another reason may be the included function "Anti-banner" of the antivirus kaspersky Internet Security.

To disable this function, you must:

  1. Open the Kaspersky Internet Security settings window
  2. In the "Settings" window, the "Protection Center" tab, turn off the "Anti-banner" function by clicking on the switch on the right.

Account activation email not received

If the confirmation email does not come to your email box:

  1. Verify the correctness of the email you specified when registering
  2. Check the Spam folder
  3. Sometimes there are delays on mail servers and emails arrive with a delay of up to 20-30 minutes.
  4. Register with another mailbox.

If the email does not arrive and you can not activate your account, please write to our consultants the mail and other information you provided during registration when registering, and we will activate your account manually.

Withdrawing money to Yandex money

1.To successfully receive a payment on Yandex.Money, do not forget to go through the identification in Yandex.Money service, otherwise the payment will be returned back. Find out more "What is identification", "How to get through" and "Who needs it" can be found on the Yandex.Money site

2. After receiving the notification, do not forget to confirm receipt of payment, otherwise it will be returned.

Is it possible to output the cashback to the other person's requisites?

Yes, of course, if these details were not previously used to withdraw money by another user of the Monet site. Just specify the necessary details when you issue a withdrawal request.

The money will be transferred by your chosen method within 7 working days (payments are made every working Monday).

Can I request a payment to the Maestro card?

Oh sure. We support all types of cards issued by Russian banks.

I did not make a request for payment. What to do?

First of all cancel the operation for payment in your account, write to the HelpDesk service in your personal account and change the password to your account.

We recommend setting a password consisting of at least 8 characters and containing both letters, numbers and symbols.

How can I cancel a request to pay money from the site?

If your application is in the "Paid" status, you can not reject it.

If the application is in the status "Pending", go to the "My transactions" section of your account, find the operation to withdraw funds from the site and click the "Details" button on the right. At the bottom of the page with details of the operation, click the "Cancel order" button.

Why was the application rejected?

The reason for rejecting an application for withdrawal may be:

  • Error in the details. Recheck the correctness of these details in the transaction for payment. If an error is found, create a new request for the withdrawal of funds with the correct data.
  • Inaccessible way to withdraw funds for your country is selected. We draw your attention to the payment to a bank card or a settlement account only available to cards / accounts opened by Russian banks.
  • Deviation of payment by the payment system. Try another way to withdraw funds.

If your application was rejected, in the details of the operation, the reason for rejection will be indicated in the Comments field - we recommend that you read them.

How is the cashback calculated if the order is in currency?

In the event that the partner sends us order information in a currency other than the ruble, the cashback is calculated as follows:

The sum of the order is multiplied by the size of the cashback in percentages and the result is rounded to the nearest cent, discarding all the digits after 2 decimal places.

The received size of the cashback in the currency is multiplied by the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation multiplied by 0.95, the result is rounded to the nearest penny.

For example, the order amount was $ 12.75, cashback was 7.65%, the dollar rate was 59.375 rubles.

We start counting: 12.75 * 0.0765 = 0.975375 $

We round the result down to the whole cents, we get $ 0.97.

Pay attention, although after 97 there is 5375 and according to the laws of mathematics we should have to round up to 98 cents, but rounding occurs only up to whole cents, that is all other figures do not play a role and are simply discarded.

Now translate into rubles: 0.97 * 59.37 * 0.95 = 54.709455 rubles, the total cashback will be 54.71 rubles. And here the laws of mathematics are already in force.

What commission is charged when withdrawing money from your site?

When withdrawing funds from the site, only the payment system commission is charged.

Payment system Comission Max sum
(taking into account the commission)
Qiwi 4,00% 15 000,00 rub
Mobile phone 4,00% + 5 rub 15 000,00 rub
WebMoney (WMR) 1,6%* 100 000,00 rub
Yandex.Money 6,01% 15 000,00 rub
Bank card (Russian Federation) 4,00% + 1,50% (but not less than 30 rubles) 75 000,00 rub
Settlement account (RF) 4,00% + 1,50% (but not less than 30 rubles) 800 000,00 rub
PayPal 7,55% + 10 rub + international transfer commission**  

The minimum amount of payment is 100 rubles including commission.

* Rounding of the amount of payment is made in the smaller party to the nearest penny

** if the transfer is made in a currency other than the ruble. Recalculation of the final payment amount occurs at the time it is held.

I can not apply for an output. What to do?

The amount of the cashback you want to display is in the "Pending" status.

You can only print out the cashback, which has already been confirmed.

In your personal account, under the "Confirmed cashback" field, the amount available for payment is displayed. If the amount is less than 100 rubles, you can not request a payment. As soon as the amount of funds reaches 100 rubles, the button will become active and you will be able to withdraw money from the site.

Will my level (Bronze / Silver / Gold) be saved after withdrawal of funds?

Oh sure. When assigning a level, the total amount of the confirmed cashback is taken into account. The withdrawal of funds does not affect your level.

How to withdraw funds?

To apply for withdrawal from the site you need:

1. Go to your personal account and click on the button "Bring out XX RUB from the site" under the field "Confirmed cashback"

2. Choose how to withdraw funds

3. Fill in all the fields of the form, depending on the selected output method

4. Indicate the amount of payment. By default, the entire amount of money available for withdrawal is inserted into the form

5. Check the correctness of the details and send the form.

The application will be processed within 7 working days - payments are made every Monday.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rubles, taking into account the payment system commission.

Commission fee for deduction is deducted from the withdrawal amount.

Limits on withdrawal of funds

The minimum payment amount is 100 rubles

It is convenient for everyone to receive money when it is convenient for him.

Therefore, we do not put a large minimum amount, and you can both save money on the account and then print a lot or output often, but a little bit. you decide. The maximum amount of payment is 800 000 rubles (to a bank account in the Russian Federation).

For more information on the limits of the maximum amounts of payments, see the question "What commission is charged when withdrawing money from your site?".

Immediately after sending a request for payment, if there is sufficient amount on the balance balance, you can send a new application for payment. If you notice that you have specified incorrect data or you want to reissue a payment request, you can cancel the current operation in the My operations section by opening the transaction details. Immediately after the cancellation, you can immediately create a new request.

How to spend cashback on purchases?

To spend money from the balance on the Coin directly to purchases in stores and services is not possible.

Having accumulated the minimum amount of 100 rubles, you can withdraw the cashback to a card, mobile phone, Qiwi-purse, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, PayPal, bank card or account and spend it at your own discretion.

The withdrawal request is processed within 7 working days (payments are made every Monday).

The payment system commission is deducted from the payment amount.

The withdrawal request is still 'pending'. What to do?

Requests for payment of funds, created before Friday, are paid on the first working Monday, or, if Monday is a day off, on the first working day following it. Consider a couple of examples:

1. You created a withdrawal request for the period from June 7 to June 14, then the payment will be on the first working Monday - June 18.

2. The request for payment of money was created in the period from 1 to 7 June. In this case, the payment will be made only on Wednesday, June 13, as Monday June 11 and Tuesday June 12, the weekend.

If it's been more than 10 days since the request was sent, and the operation is still in the status of "Pending", write to our consultants or HelpDesk - find out the reason online and try to help in the shortest possible time.

The application for the payment of 'Paid', but the money was not received. What to do?

If you chose a bank card or account when withdrawing funds, do not worry, the delay in transferring funds can reach 3 banking days (depends on the beneficiary's bank).

If more time has passed - inform the HelpDesk service by attaching a summary of all payments for the period from the date of filing the application to the time of the request.

If you chose Yandex.Money - do not forget to go through the identification procedure in the personal account of Yandex.Money, otherwise you will not be able to receive the payment and only after 30 days it will return back.

Also, do not forget to confirm receipt of payment.

If you have chosen a different method of payment and after changing the status of the funds have not arrived at your balance - write to the HelpDesk service in your personal account. We'll find out the reason and find your cashback.

Can I expedite the processing of the withdrawal request?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility. All applications are processed as they are received. The withdrawal of funds takes no more than 7 working days (payments are made every Monday).

Affiliate program. How to earn more?

If you have a channel on Youtube, a group on the social network or a blog with which you are ready to bring many users to our site - you will benefit from our affiliate program and loyalty program.

You bring users to our cashback service and receive immediately 10 rubles for each active registration (the referral must confirm the email), and you will receive 5% of the amount of each confirmed cashback (50% of our income).

Current affiliate program tariffs are available at the link. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the affiliate program and the section Invite a friend.

For webmasters or owners of themed sites there is a special section "Webmasters" with useful tools. if any tool is not enough, write to us in HelpDesk.

Do you have an extension for the browser?

Oh sure.

Most recently, we released our extension-reminder cashback for popular browsers. You can install the extension for your browser on the "For the browser" page. It is absolutely free and will always remind you of the cashback.

Stores with increased cashback

Periodically, we or the stores conduct promotions and increase the cashback for a certain period.

Find all the stores with increased cashback and promotions in the section "With increased cashback".

If we are talking about large-scale promotions, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday or other large-scale sales, as a rule we prepare special sections in which all the participants of the action are published.

How to create a referral link to any page?

Create a referral link to any page of the site is very simple. To send a friend or publish a link on your blog to a page other than the "Invite a friend" section, you need:

1. Go to the "Affiliate"section or "Invite a friend" in your account.

2. Find a referral link

3. Copy part from it, starting with ?referrer=

4. Open the page of the site on which you want to make a referral link

5. Add to it the copied part of the referral link.

For example, the original link to the page with a description of the Aliexpress offer:


The referral link to this page will look like this:


How to earn with a Coin?

There are several ways to earn money with a Coin:

1. Make purchases in more than 1,200 shops and services with which we cooperate and receive cashback.

You can see the recommendations for shopping here. To make purchases even more profitable will help the loyalty program, as well as stores with increased cashback and promotions. Follow the news and profitable offers in our groups, and also subscribe to "Vestnik Monetki" Vkontakte.

2. Invite friends and receive 5% of the cashback for each order. Do not worry, the cashback for your friend will not change.

For this it is enough that your friends register for your referral link. To get a referral link and track your earnings from friends, you can go to the "Invite a friend" section in your personal account.

Loyalty program for regular customers. What is it?

To thank our users for their trust, we developed a loyalty program. The loyalty program consists of 3 levels:

  • Bronze - with accumulation of 500 or more rubles of confirmed cashback, the cashback rate will be increased by 3% of the base tariff
  • Silver - with accumulation of 1,000 or more rubles of confirmed cashback, the cashback rate is increased by 5% of the base tariff
  • Gold - customers who saved 10,000 rubles, cashback increases by 10% of the base tariff.

For example, the usual rate of the Sportmaster store is 4% of the order amount, with the Bronze Cashback status will be 4.12% (4% + 0.12% (3% of 4%)). Silver status will save 4.20% from each order, and Gold - 4.40%.

To activate a new level in the loyalty program, if you accumulate a sufficient amount of confirmed cashback, you need to click on the "Get Bonus" button in the My Account section of the personal account.

Everything is very simple, and most importantly, the more you save, the more cashback you get!

*When assigning any level within the loyalty program, all rates on the site are automatically recalculated taking into account your level.

Referral program 'Invite a friend'

Referral program "Invite a friend" will allow you to earn on your friends.

Everything is very simple:

  1. Share with your friends a referral link;
  2. Friends are registered on our site by your link;
  3. Friends make purchases and receive a cashback;
  4. You get 5% of each confirmed friend's cashback.

Do not worry, a friend's cashback will not be reduced.

To invite friends, you can share the link in social networks, send an invitation to a friend by email or simply show him your personal QR-code.

All the necessary tools, rules, and also your link you will find in the section "Invite a friend" in your personal account.

We draw your attention, interest is calculated from the friend's cashback only when the cashback is confirmed to order.

I know how to make your site better

Do you know how to make a Coin better and more convenient?

Tell us! We will implement the best ideas, and we will award the authors with a pleasant bonus.

Leave the idea for improvement here!

I want to recommend a store

If possible, we always try to take into account the wishes of our users.

Tell us which store you would like to see in our catalog and why. Fill out the short form, and we will try to establish cooperation with them.

And in order not to miss new items, among the stores where you can make pleasant purchases with cashback, go to the "New" section, subscribe to our push notifications or one of the groups in the social network. 

I want to connect my store

We cooperate with all stores through partner networks.

A full list of supported networks is available in the "Become a partner" section. For your convenience, we sorted them according to our internal trust rating of a particular network.

So that we could add your store to our catalog, you need to connect to one of the networks as an advertiser. On the description page of each partner you will find links to the registration pages.

I want to delete my account

We try to learn from our mistakes and improve the work of our service for you. That's why it is very important for us to know the reason why you want to delete your account. If you have any difficulties while working with our service, maybe we can help you. Write to HelpDesk in your personal account.


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