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This section is intended solely for webmasters.

The Monetka is on the market from 2013, which speaks of our stability and the desire to grow. In addition, our portal has the following features:

  • automatic conversion accounting
  • deployed FAC for users
  • personal cabinet, combining all user functions
  • selected offers
  • affiliate program
  • integration with social networks
  • adding lost orders
  • HelpDesk
  • automatic order accounting
  • automatic withdrawal of funds (development)
  • android-application
  • extension for brazuerov
  • 5% off friend's cache
  • the first month of cashback by 10% more

Here we have collected all the necessary tools that can help you develop your site. 

At the moment the following downloads are available from the site:

RSS feed for catalog updates:

If your site is updated with updates to catalogs of cacheback portals, add the address of our update tape.

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Unloading all offers

Upload to your site the export of all the offers of the portal Coin with current rates. Updating the directory occurs once a day. The file name does not change, so in your scripts you can immediately register a permanent link to the directory and update it once a day.

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Always up to date information on current offers in a popular format with online updates. Only active offers are unloaded, offers are not included in the list, online update.

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JSON catalog

Only active offers, a minimum of information, a convenient format and all this on-line - update as often as you need it.

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We draw your attention, you can take part of the affiliate link, starting with ?refferer=0000000000 from the Affiliate Program page of your personal cabinet and add it to any link on the site.

Since 2018, as part of the affiliate program, you can receive money not only for attracting users, but also 5% of the amount of their cashback.

We constantly modify the current functions and add new ones. 

If you have any suggestions or wishes, please send them to the HelpDesk-Bugtracker service and we will try to implement them.


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The entire functionality of the site works in full, but some elements may not be displayed correctly. Please report any errors to the online consultant - this will significantly speed up the process of correcting them. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your assistance.

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